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The eight HouseGuests take on their first Food Competition, the results of which will determine if they are given groceries for the week, or if they'll be forced to eat peanut butter and jelly for three meals a day. They head to the backyard, where they discover a giant "X" made of two beams. The two beams are separated and lowered horizontally to the ground. The HouseGuests split into two groups of four and step onto the two separate beams. With four people on each beam, Julie asks each HouseGuest a True/False question about his/her new roommates. If the question is answered correctly, the beam stays in position, but if the answer is incorrect, both beams are raised one foot into the air. If three or more people fall off the beams, it's nothing but peanut butter and jelly for the rest of the week. Despite many incorrect answers and a difficult balancing act, all eight manage to stay on the beams, and the HouseGuests win groceries for the week.

The HouseGuests pair up, with Scott volunteering to sit out. The pairs are Jack/David, Alison/Nathan, Amanda/Michelle, Erika/Jee, Jun/Dana and Robert/Justin. The teams then separate into "sitters" and "kneelers," with sitters strapped into chairs and kneelers facing them. Balanced above each sitter is a bucket of fish guts. The kneelers have one knee depressing a button, which if released will dump the bucket of chum on their partner, eliminating the team. After Jack, Amanda, Jun and Erika get chummed, two teams remain: Robert/Justin and Alison/Nathan. Desperate to avoid the fish guts, Alison promises Robert and Justin she won't nominate either of them if they agree to bow out of the competition. Nathan agrees, and Robert and Justin let the other pair win. In a sad twist, Alison still gets the bucket of fish parts poured on her. Julie Chen reveals that "sideline" Scott will make the ultimate decision: Scott chooses Nathan to be the first Head of Household

The HouseGuests assemble in the backyard clad only in bathing suits for their first Luxury Competition. The prize: a key to the coveted hot tub. Before them is an inflatable pool filled to the brim with goopy green slime. The object of the game is to cover their bodies with as much slime as possible and transfer it into a bucket; get enough muck in the bucket and win a key to the tub. The catch: slime can only be removed from the body by another HouseGuest. The HouseGuests jump straight into the slime, running back and forth to the bucket. Although Dana is delighted to "rub Nathan's body," the slime from their skin and hair wasn't adding up. A switch in strategy does the trick, and the girls start filling up their swimsuit bottoms, while the boys make good use of their pockets. Their slimy strategy works, and they win the key to the hot tub.

For their second Food Competition, the HouseGuests compete in a game called "Spuds." First they are asked to split into boy/girl teams, and Nathan advises them that it might be an advantage for the exes to pair up. All oblige, save Jun and Jee, with Jun pairing up with Jack, and Jee joining forces with Dana. Each pair must designate a "lifter" and a "stander," and all the men opt to be the "lifter," except for Dana and Jee, who fear it may be a trick. After each pair is assigned a food group that they will be competing for--meats/poultry/seafood, dairy, fruits/vegetables, breads/pasta/cereal, snacks/desserts, beer/wine/soft drinks/juice--Nathan reads the rules of the Competition. To win their food group, each lifter has six minutes to fill a bin with the amount of potatoes he thinks equals the weight of the stander. Each pair that comes within 25 pounds of the weight of the stander wins their food group for the entire house. The stander can never reveal his/her weight, but the lifter may lift him/her up as often as he wants to compare the stander with the bin of potatoes. The games begin, and each lifter runs back and forth between a giant mound of spuds and his/her bin and stander, frequently lifting the stander to compare the weight with the growing bin of potatoes. But the Competition is a challenging one. While Alison/Justin, Amanda/Scott, and Jee/Dana win their food groups for the House, the other teams fail, leaving the HouseGuests with no dairy, no meats/poultry/seafood, and no fruits/vegetables.

The Power of Veto is up for grabs, and the HouseGuests head outside for a competition called "Feeling Knotty." Each HouseGuest wears around his/her waist a belt with a rope attached to it; the other end of the rope is tied to a pole. Equidistant from each HouseGuest is a post with the Golden Veto Medallion on display. The ropes that tether the HouseGuests are shortened with a series of knots, preventing them from reaching the post for the Golden Veto. The object: to use their hands and bodies to untie and work themselves through the knots, until the rope is long enough to reach the post. First person to place their Veto on the post wins. The HouseGuests struggle with the knots, climbing through loops and twisting their bodies to undo the tangles. Dana and Nathan race toward the post, and in a split-second finish, Dana wins the first Power of Veto. Amanda is amazed at how quickly Dana finished, and Jee is disappointed, but Dana is not surprised at her victory, saying she is "competitive" and that she "wanted to win."

The HouseGuests stand holding a red paddle and a green paddle, each representing different answers. Julie asks a series of questions about the group's opinions about their fellow HouseGuests. The object of the game is to guess how the other HouseGuests will answer, rather than stating one's personal opinion. HouseGuests answering in the majority move on to the next round; those in the minority are eliminated. When asked who the majority would think has a better smile, most choose Amanda over Erika; Erika, Alison and Dana are eliminated. After everyone agrees that Nathan would look better in drag than Justin, Julie asks who would be more likely to use someone else's toothbrush to clean the toilet out of anger, Jun or Dana. The majority choose Jun, and David, Jun, and Jack are eliminated. After a tie-breaking question, Jee gets the ultimate promotion and is named the new Head of Household.

The HouseGuests split into two teams: Nathan, Michelle, Dana, Robert and David are on the Blue Team; Alison, Justin, Erika, Jack and Jun are on the Red Team. Only one team can win the competition; the losing team will survive on only PB&J for the week. In an assignment that would turn anyone's stomach, the HouseGuests are given five "mystery" casseroles to eat, the object being to identify the unknown ingredients in each. Each team member is assigned his or her own casserole, and the first team member must finish his scrumptious meal before the next team member can begin. The gourmet garb consisted of a ham and cauliflower casserole, a venison and artichoke casserole, an oyster and brussell sprouts casserole, a liver and cactus casserole, and last but not least, a delicious dish of tongue and bell peppers. Bon Apetit! The red team wins food for the week, while Nathan, Michelle, Dana, Robert and David will subsist on a peanut butter and jelly diet.

The HouseGuests head outside and discover that this week's Power of Veto Competition is none other than…Duckball! The backyard has been transformed into a peaceful pond setting, complete with a beautiful bridge and plenty of ducks to chuck. HouseGuests are given three ducks to toss in the pond, where a Veto symbol floats in the center. If your duck makes it into the Veto symbol, it's three points and a bonus duck. If the duck hits the top of the Veto symbol, the reward is two points; one point if the duck lands within the circle that surrounds the Veto symbol. Michelle--a nominee with a lot riding on this competition--is up first, and gets two points. Her fellow nominee Erika is up next, and is discouraged when she only earns one point. Dave and Justin prove they're master Duckballers, earning an impressive seven points each, which brings the game into sudden death. In the end, David wins, 9-6, and is given the Power of Veto.

The HouseGuests are randomly broken into groups of three. One group at a time must take their place at a stand, which is equipped with a buzzer. Julie asks BIG BROTHER trivia questions, and the first person to buzz in gets the option to answer. The first person who answers correctly moves into the winner's circle, the other two are eliminated from contention, and the next group of three takes their place at the stand. The winner of each of three rounds face off in a final round, and the final winner is the new Head of Household! In the first round, Jun, Justin and Jack face off, and Justin moves on to the winner's circle. Next up are Alison, Erika and Dave, and Alison moves up when she is able to recall the color of Jee's duck from the "Duckball" competition. Finally, Robert, Nathan and Dana are up, and Dana quickly answers that there were ten casseroles in last week's Food Competition. Dana, Justin and Alison move onto the final round, and after Alison and Justin are disqualified for answering incorrectly, Dana wins, becoming the new Head of Household!

Dressed in camouflage, the HouseGuests head outside for a Food Competition called "Paratroopers." The HouseGuests are eager to win some grub, and the competition begins. Miniature parachutes fall from the sky, each carrying a colored capsule representing a type of food. The HouseGuests must catch as many parachutes in their helmets as possible without using their hands or picking up fallen parachutes from the ground. As a special treat, there are a few capsules that, if caught, will win the housemates all the Burger King they can eat. In a much-needed victory, the HouseGuests win plenty of food for the week, including t-bone steaks, beer and Burger King!

It's time for another Luxury Competition, but this time there can only be one winner. The luxury prize: a private gourmet dinner, for which the winner can choose his or her dinner companion. Each HouseGuest has to fill a champagne glass, then sit in the "spin-o-matic" chair, which spins them for a dizzy 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds of spinning, the HouseGuest must put their champagne glass on a tray and walk it to a podium--without spilling--where they ring a bell to signal that they're done. Shortest time wins the luxury. Nathan and Jack are disqualified for dropping their champagne glasses, and the others teeter their way to the podium in a hilarious wobbling fashion. Alison, a figure skater, puts her spinning skills to use and wins the competition, winning a champagne dinner for her and her guest, Nathan.

The HouseGuests are realizing the importance of the competitions in the game, and everyone is eager to win the Power of Veto Competition. The competitors head outside, where they put on kneepads and helmets. The name of the game is "Niagara Balls," and for good reason. At the start of the game, a giant chute suspended above the HouseGuests opens up, and the HouseGuests are showered with thousands of different-colored bouncing balls. The object of the game is to collect the green balls, and the first person to fill their V-shaped container wins the Power of Veto. It's a tough competition, with the bouncing balls flying from above and bouncing from below, and all the HouseGuests scramble to collect as many green balls as they can find. Some HouseGuests try to catch them from the air, while others opt to collect them from the ground. Jun is injured when a ball hits her in the eye, taking her out of the running, but Nathan fares well and wins the crucial competition, leaving Dana worried about her nominations remaining intact. Meanwhile, Alison seems thrilled that her partner Nathan has the power to save her from eviction, and he assures her that she "can sleep peacefully now."

The two clashing alliances go head-to-head in a Competition that will determine who will hold the power in the House for the next week. With no time to mourn the loss of a fallen comrade, the HouseGuests take their places in the backyard for the Head of Household Competition, called "Around the Water Cooler." The competitors stand in a line on a ledge, each holding a water cooler jug with an equal number of ping pong balls inside. Five feet below each person on the ledge is a cylinder, which is just big enough for the ping pong balls to fit inside. From their perches on the ledge, the HouseGuests must turn their ball-filled water jugs upside down and try to aim for their corresponding cylinders below. The person with the most balls in his or her cylinder at the end of one minute is the new Head of Household. Jee, Jun, Justin, Robert and Nathan all tie with two balls, Erika gets four, Jack gets six, and Alison wins HoH with seven ping pong balls!

Only half the House can win food this week, and the Food Competition is a challenging one. The HouseGuests split into two teams: Jun, Justin, Nathan and Jack on the blue team, Dana, Jee, Erika and Robert on the red team. "Laying Pipe" is a challenge in which the two teams race to see who can lay pipes the fastest. Dressed in plumber overalls, the team members must work together to connect pipes and joints to go through a set course, routing water from the source to the finish line. The object is to route the water to a waiting rubber duckie, which will then float and cross over the finish line. The challenge seems easy at first, but a few minutes into it, Ali opens up the flood gates and water starts pouring out of the pipes, soaking the HouseGuests and making the pipe assembly even more difficult. After some admirable teamwork, the blue team is the first to float their duck across the finish line, leaving Dana, Jee, Erika and Robert to pout over PB&J for the next week.

Outside, a square grid is set up. Earlier, the HouseGuests were allowed to secretly choose four consecutive squares on the grid. Their pictures have been placed in the four squares of their choice, but are hidden from the other HouseGuests by sod squares. One at a time, the HouseGuests take turns overturning one sod square, revealing either a picture of a HouseGuest or a blank square. Once a player's four squares have been overturned, they are no longer eligible to win the Power of Veto, but they can continue to play to eliminate others from winning. Nathan, Erika and Jun are the first three to be disqualified, followed by HoH Alison. But Alison's not done playing, and she goes after Dana, overturning her fourth square and eliminating her from winning the Power of Veto. Justin and Jack are next to go, leaving allies Jee and Robert in the running. Not wanting the pressure that comes with the power, Jee disqualifies himself by turning over his own square, and Robert wins the coveted Power of Veto.

The anxious HouseGuests take their places in the backyard for the Head of Household Competition, entitled "Who Said It?" Julie reads statements from a questionnaire that each HouseGuest filled out prior to moving into the House. Each player holds pictures of the four evicted roommates--Amanda, Michelle, David, Dana--plus Alison, the outgoing HoH. At Julie's prompt, the HouseGuests are to show the face of the person they think gave the answer to the statement read. A wrong answer means elimination, and the last person standing is the new Head of Household.

Julie's first question is, "Who said that one of their bad habits is that they obsess about everything?" The correct answer is newly-evicted Dana. Jack answers incorrectly, and is eliminated from the game. The second question is, "Who said that their favorite movie is 'Legally Blonde'"? Blondie Michelle is the person who said it, and Robert and Jun are eliminated when they answer incorrectly. Question number three: "Who said that if they could be an animal, they would be an elephant, because they are the 'true kings of the jungle'"? Stuffed elephant-lover Alison is the answer, and Justin becomes the next Head of Household.

After a week on the dreaded PB&J diet, Robert, Erika and Jee are feeling some serious hunger pains and look forward to the chance to win food in this week's Food Competition. In the messiest Food Competition yet, the HouseGuests play "50 Ways to Cook a HouseGuest." Justin instructs them to form four pairs of two, with each team having a designated "chef" and a designated "food." Outside, the teams find oversized bowls and tons of food, and learn that the "chef" must follow a recipe to mix ingredients; the "food" HouseGuest is one of the ingredients.

Erika and Jack are competing for breakfast, with Erika acting as chef and Jack as the food. The recipe is cereal and fruit, and Jack dons a hilarious strawberry costume that he fears will exclude him from the FBI permanently. He climbs in a giant bowl as Erika covers him with cereal, sugar and gallons of milk. Next up are Jee (the chef) and Robert (the food) as they compete for lunch. Lunch, in this case, is a hot dog and fries, and Robert reluctantly puts on a wiener suit as Jee smothers him with huge amounts of ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut and relish. Competing for dinner are Nathan and Alison, with Alison acting as chef. The recipe is for chicken fajitas, and with Nate dressed in a chicken suit, Alison smothers him with grilled onions, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Finally, HoH Justin and Jun pair up to try to compete for dessert and snacks, and the recipe they must complete is an ice cream sundae. Dressed as a banana, Jun is covered with ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, caramel, whipped cream and sprinkles. Of course, a cherry is thrown on top of the Jun sundae, and the HouseGuests win all meals with only seconds to spare.

The time comes for the Veto Competition, and Nathan is out to win the power, saying, "I'm not counting on anyone else." As the HouseGuests hoped, Quoridor is the challenge, and the housemates are divided into two groups of four: first to play are Nathan versus Justin, Jun and Robert; followed by Jee versus Erika, Alison and Jack. The winners from the two rounds will face off in a final round, and the final winner wins the Power of Veto. The goal is to get to the opposite side of the board from where you start, and in each turn you can either move one step or put up a block to stop one of your opponents. First one to maneuver successfully to the opposite side of the board is the winner. Nate faces tough competition as Jun, Justin and Robert team up against him, and Robert wins round one. With Nathan disqualified, his only hope is for Alison to win her round, and he coaches her from the sidelines. But his coaching isn't enough to make her win, and Jee wins round two, guaranteeing another victory for the three stooges. Robert and Jee play a stress-free final round, and Robert wins the Power of Veto for the second week in a row.

The HouseGuests get ready for another Luxury Competition, dressing in bathing suits designed especially for the competition called "Foam Party." The girls dress in one-pieces, and the guys in short shorts that leave little to the imagination. But modesty is not an option in this game. Once they get outside, they learn that letters are sewn inside their bathing suits. In order to win the Luxury Prize, each HouseGuest must remove his or her bathing suit to reveal the letter and spell out the prize by hanging the suits up on a clothesline. An industrial-size pipe pours down foam onto the HouseGuests, which they use to strategically cover themselves, but they still get quite an eyeful, as the foam does little to cover their naked bodies. Once all the suits are up on the line, the word "laundry" is spelled out, and the HouseGuests win fluff-and-fold laundry service for the week.

In what Erika wisely calls a “very crucial competition,” the HouseGuests are locked in a small cage and denied food, water, sleep and comfort. Everyone is determined to win this one, and after almost three hours, no one looks ready to budge from their cramped space. Jack, the tallest player in the cage, is hunched over uncomfortably, while Jun and Alison’s bladders threaten to be a factor in the outcome of the game. Determined not to let a little thing like urine stand between them and $500,000, Jun and Alison opt to put pride aside and relieve themselves in the cage, using Jack’s shirt as a makeshift tent for privacy. But it all becomes too much for Robert, who is the first to leave the cage, much to Jee and Justin’s disappointment. With Justin ineligible to win Head of Household again, the Three Stooges must now rely on Jee to win the power for the week. Erika says she is “revitalized” by Robert’s exit, and warns her housemates that she could stay in the cage for days. Jun, however, is less enthusiastic, and after getting everyone’s word that she is safe, she leaves just minutes after Robert.

The four HouseGuests remaining--Erika, Alison, Jack and Jee--move into the second, smaller cage, which proves to be even more uncomfortable. Jack, Erika and Alison try to convince Jee that he is safe if he leaves the cage, and tell him that Robert and Justin probably won’t take him to the finals. After six hours of relentless persuasion, Jee finally gives in, and he gives Jack the go-ahead to leave the cage, saying he will leave a few minutes after him so that it doesn’t seem suspicious. Jack exits, and a few minutes later, Jee does the same, leaving Alison and Erika in the third and smallest cage. In the small, cramped quarters, Alison realizes that Erika is bound and determined to win the power, and they strike a deal not to nominate each other in the following weeks. With a deal in place, Alison leaves after more than six-and-a-half hours, and Erika becomes the new Head of Household.

After a week of plenteous food and drink, the HouseGuests face possible PB&J punishment if they fail in the Food Competition. In Hawaiian-style bathing suits, the housemates head outside to the backyard, which has been transformed into a tropical island, complete with tiki torches, sand and surfboards for dining tables. Erika welcomes them to the “Clam Bake from Hell,” and with a flash of fire, the HouseGuests realize this Competition might not be a fun one. Each person is playing for a day of the week, and if they lose, the entire House will be forced to eat PB&J that day. Erika informs them that each player must eat an “exotic seafood dish.” They have two choices: to eat the dish in front of them, or pass it to the player on the left. If they choose to pass, they must consume the second dish they are given. Each person has one minute to clean their plate in order to win food for the House on their designated day.

Jun, who’s playing for Friday, is first, and is given a plate of gefilte fish. Reluctantly, she shovels it in, and wins food for Friday. Picky eater Justin is playing for Saturday. His first dish is codfish cured in lime, which he doesn’t find appetizing, so he passes the plate to Jack on his left. The second dish, which he cannot pass on, is fried baby clams in chili sauce. He isn’t able to choke the clams down in the allotted minute, which means the House will suffer PB&J on Saturday. Jack, happy to eat Justin’s rejected codfish, scarfs down the entire plate in twenty seconds, and wins food for Sunday. Robert, who has endured two weeks on the Peanut Butter and Jelly diet, says he is willing to eat anything to win food for the House, and he uncovers his dish to find eyeballs of albacore tuna staring up at him. He doesn’t hesitate to eat it, and he accidentally eats the entire fish head, not realizing he only needed to eat the eyeballs. The HouseGuests cheer at Robert’s determination, except for Jun, who is so repulsed by Robert’s demeanor that she vomits into a bucket. Ali is next, and in order to win food for Tuesday, she must eat monkfish liver. She opts to pass this to Jee, and instead is handed a plate of octopus tentacles. After protesting, gagging and spitting up, she is unable to eat the dish in the allowed time, which means it’s nothing but PB&J for Tuesday. Jee is last, and he manages to choke down the monkfish liver in time to win food for Wednesday. Alison says she is sorry to have sentenced the HouseGuests to PB&J for Tuesday, but adds that the housemates “could use to shed a few pounds.”

This week's Veto Competition is called "Video Veto," and each HouseGuest goes outside to compete individually. In the backyard there are five cameras, five plasma screens and portraits of each of the thirteen HouseGuests. The goal is to put the Golden Veto winners in chronological order by pointing the correct video camera at the appropriate portrait so that the winners' pictures show up on the plasma screens in the correct order. The person who puts them in the correct order in the fastest time wins the Power of Veto. Former FBI Agent Jack doesn't seem to understand the instructions, spending more than 18 minutes on the task, while Jun finishes in an impressive time of 2:45, and wins the Power of Veto.

For the Head of Household Competition, entitled "Black HoHle," each HouseGuest is given one ball, which they are to roll down a course and toward a hole. The HouseGuest whose ball is closest to the hole wins; balls that go in the hole or roll off the course are disqualified. Alison is first to go, and despite her claim that she is going to throw the competition, her ball comes to a stop inches away from the hole. Jee is up next and manages to get a little closer than Ali, knocking her out of contention. Jun, Robert and Jack are next, but none of them manage to get closer than Jee, and Jee becomes Head of Household for the second time this summer.

8-23-03 - POWER OF VETO
Host Julie Chen prepares the HouseGuests for what she calls a "curve ball" in the BIG BROTHER game. She reveals that this week, the HouseGuests will compete for the Power of Veto before the nominations are made, but the winner will not be announced until after the nomination ceremony. She instructs each of the roommates to go to separate rooms, and tells them they cannot talk to each other, make hand signals, or communicate with each other in any way.

One at a time, the HouseGuests enter the Diary Room to talk to Julie. Julie offers the Power of Veto to each of the HouseGuests, separately-but there's a catch. If you accept the Power of Veto, the other HouseGuests can only eat Peanut Butter and Jelly for the rest of the game (about a month), while you continue to eat whatever you want. Knowing the effects of the PB&J diet on the mood of the House, each HouseGuest declines Julie's offer.

Julie then offers a second deal to each HouseGuests: in exchange for the Power of Veto, the other HouseGuests will be on the PB&J diet for two weeks. This offer isn't rejected as quickly as the first, as the HouseGuests weight their options and the importance of the POV in the game. Eventually, each HouseGuest declines Julie's second bribe.

Julie makes her final offer: the Power of Veto in exchange for a PB&J diet for one week. Jun, Alison, Robert, Jack and Erika once again decline, but Head of Household Jee accepts Julie's enticing offer, winning the Power of Veto.

For the Luxury Competition, the HouseGuests are instructed to put on "primal" outfits and apply war paint, and Jee reads a list of personal clothing items that each housemate is to bring outside. In the backyard they find a roaring bonfire, causing the HouseGuests to worry about the fate of their clothing items. Jee tells them that in order to ward off "evil fashion spirits," they need to "say goodbye to fashion faux pas." Each person must take a turn and throw another HouseGuest's clothing on the bonfire. Everyone who participates wins a high-speed shopping spree at the BIG BROTHER Boutique.

Erika burns Jee's orange t-shirt, Jun burns Jack's black pants, Alison burns Jun's fishnet shirt, Jack burns Alison's short shorts, Jee burns Robert's red tank top, and Robert burns Erika's infamous pink hat. As a reward for sacrificing their fashion "don'ts," the HouseGuests get their high-speed shopping spree. They have 90 seconds in the BIG BROTHER Boutique, and they get to keep whatever they can put on. After the shopping frenzy, the HouseGuests look much better in their new designer duds.

Remember those adorable (or if you're a gnome-a-phobe, TERRIFYING) gnomes from season three? They're back, and so is gnome-lover Marcellas! The HouseGuests put on coveralls and head to the backyard, where they find hundreds of gnomes. Marcellas's voice comes over the speakers and warns them that "the gnomes have returned and they're mad as hell." As host of the Competition, Marcellas explains the game to the HouseGuests. Inside some of the Gnomes are golden tickets. But the gnomes must be smashed to smithereens in order to find them. The first HouseGuest to find three golden tickets and hit the buzzer wins a McDonald's meal a day for five days. The winner also gets to choose a HouseGuest to join him/her each of the five days. However, some of the gnomes have black tickets inside; find a black ticket, and you're disqualified.

Perhaps letting out some aggression from the pressures in the House, the HouseGuests apply their hammers to the defenseless gnomes. Robert, Jun, Alison and Erika each get black flags, disqualifying them from winning, and Jee and Jack are neck and neck with two golden tickets each. Jee is first to get three golden tickets, winning the McDonald's food, and the third competition in a week.

The HouseGuests head outside for the Head of Household Competition, entitled "Disappearing Act," in which Julie quizzes the HouseGuests about the items that have gone missing from the BIG BROTHER House. After eight questions, the HouseGuest with the most points wins. Julie's first clue is "This item usually marks the spot." Alison answers correctly with "X." With one question left, Alison has one point, Robert has one point, Erika has two points, and Jun has three. At the eighth and final clue, "Name two items that were returned," Erik buzzes in, but is unable to answer. With three points, Jun becomes the new Head of Household.

The four housemates discover a giant apple in the backyard with a "missing" sign of Jun. The instructions on the sign inform that the apple is the first of three clues; the first person to correctly guess where Jun is wins the Power of Veto. When a HouseGuest is ready to guess, they must ring the bell in the backyard, and then write their answer on a piece of paper, which they then put into a box in the Diary Room. But each housemate is only allowed one guess, and if no one guesses correctly, Jun will win the Power of Veto.

Clue #2 appears in the backyard, and it's a videotape. The HouseGuests are puzzled and "confused," and Robert says the two clues are "not enough to make a guess." The HouseGuests get their third and final clue, and it's an astronaut suit, which seems to baffle the players even more. Each of them concentrates on the clues, and then Robert shouts "Got it!" and rings the bell. Inside the Diary Room, he guesses that Jun is at "Space Mountain" at Disneyland. Soon after, Jee rings the bell and heads inside to write down his guess, which is the Seattle Space Needle. Erika and Alison are still brainstorming on the hammock when Alison's eyes suddenly light up. She asks Erika if the trophies for the MTV Video Music Awards are in the shape of an astronaut, and feeling confident in her guess, she sprints to the bell, with Erika following after her. Later, Jun's whereabouts are revealed, and Alison wins by being the first HouseGuest to guess correctly.


Once again, the power is up for grabs, and Alison, Erika and Robert compete to be the HoH in a vital week in the game. In a competition called "Dearly Departed," the HouseGuests are asked to complete statements from the evicted jurors. They are given two options, and at the end of eight questions, the person with the most points becomes the new Head of Household. At the end of eight questions, exes Robert and Erika are tied 5-5 and go into sudden death. For the tie-breaker, they must write down how many hours they have been in the BIG BROTHER House. The person closest without going over wins. Robert guesses 800, and Erika guesses 1440. The correct answer is 1434, and since Erika as gone over the correct number, Robert becomes the new Head of Household.

Ole! The HouseGuests put on traditional Mexican attire and head outside to a backyard transformed to look like they've been transported South of the Border. Their precious piñatas are strung up, and the housemates are told that they must each destroy their own masterpiece if they want to eat. Inside each of the piñatas are pesos; they must bust the piñatas open and have ten seconds to gather the pesos that fall to the ground. If they collectively gather 500 pesos, they win PB&J for a week; 600 pesos gets them their usual food for the week; 1400 wins them nightly dinner from a family-style Mexican restaurant; and 2400 pesos wins them nightly dinner from a choice of four-star restaurants. After each HouseGuest applies a bat to their artistic creations, they manage to gather 2,800 pesos, winning food from four-star restaurants the rest of the week. House chef Jun is happy to "take a break" from cooking.

It's time for a Luxury Competition, and the HouseGuests are dressed in prison stripes, complete with a ball and chain strapped to one ankle. The prize, a tour of Los Angeles via the Goodyear Blimp, goes to the two "prisoners" who make it through an obstacle course in the fastest times. With a ball and chain slowing them down, the HouseGuests must crawl through mud, climb through a sewer pipe, make it through a bunjie wall, and maneuver under barbed wire in order to win the chance to escape. Rob is first and does pretty well with a time of 1:58. Erika is next, and because she's "not crazy about heights," she takes her sweet time, completing the course in 2:49. Jun is up next, and knocks Robert out of first place with a time of 1:20. Ali, who says she didn't want to stay behind with Erika, finishes with the fastest time of 1:02, and she and Jun win the ride on the blimp.

With only four people left in the House, this week's Power of Veto will be the last, and the most important. The Diamond Power of Veto winner not only determines who will be nominated, but, as the only voter, also decides who will leave the House. The HouseGuests head outside, where they face a pyramid with four sets of stairs leading to the top. Each step represents a week in the game, and the players must place two placards on each step with the names of the two original nominees for each week. Once the correct two names are on a step, that step will light up, and the player can move on to the next step. Once all the steps are lit up, they can run up their flight of stairs to the top, where the Diamond Power of Veto sits on a pedestal. First person to grab it wins. The HouseGuests hustle, sorting through name placards and placing the nominees' names on the steps. Jun and Ali are neck and neck, but Jun puts an incorrect placard on the final step, and Ali beats her to the top, where she holds the Veto symbol over her head and jumps up and down, "Rocky" style.

Julie explains that this week's Head of Household Competition will have three parts. The person who wins Round 1 automatically advances to Round 3. The other two HouseGuests will battle it out in Round 2; the winner of that round goes to Round 3 to face off against the winner of Round 1. The stakes are high, because the final Head of Household is guaranteed to make it to the Final Two.

The HouseGuests head outside, where they find three miniature houses. They take their places on the A-Framed roofs, where they must keep their balance, and one hand on their key. They cannot sit, eat, or take bathroom breaks. And as if this isn't tough enough, Christmas comes early to the BIG BROTHER House, and snow starts pelting down on the three HouseGuests. This is an endurance test, and the last one standing wins Round 1, and a chance of being the final Head of Household.

Jun and Robert take their positions in the backyard. In front of each player is five "X"'s. Written on the diagonal lines of each X are questions, which remain covered until the game begins. Both players have the same series of evicted HouseGuests' faces on a board in front of them. At the four tips of each X are hooks to hang the faces on, as answer to the questions. Jun and Robert are warned that there may be more than one correct answer for some questions, however, only one pairing will correctly solve the entire puzzle, due to the number of faces they've been allotted. All the faces on the board will be used in the puzzle.

The game begins, and Robert and Jun rush to uncover the questions and solve the puzzle. With such clues as "two failures in Clambake," "first two men nominated," and "the Strawberries team," Robert and Jun race to match the faces with the clues. Jun is the first to correctly finish the puzzle, meaning that she will face Alison in Round 3 of the Head of Household Competition.

The HouseGuests find a large gift box in the backyard, and when Robert finally takes the lid off, they discover a mime inside. A note around his neck explains that the mime is an integral part of the next Luxury Competition, but it doesn't warn them of the silent terror that is about to begin. For three hours, the sadistic mime taunts and tortures the HouseGuests, shadowing them, mimicking them, and making a mess in the House. They learn that the winner of the Luxury Competition will win a private screening of the not-yet-released film "Runaway Jury" and will also walk the red carpet at its Hollywood premiere in October. The winner can choose one of his or her housemates as a guest to enjoy the prize.

Each HouseGuest is given Velcro balls, which they are to throw at the mime. The first HouseGuest to have three balls stick to the mime wins the luxury competition. Ali is the first to have a ball stick, but Robert quickly lands three in a row, winning the Competition. The silent guest gestures to Rob that he must choose a housemate to be his guest, and Robert chooses Alison, after which the mime makes his quiet exit from the BIG BROTHER HOUSE.

When we last saw the three remaining HouseGuests, they stood precariously perched atop three miniature houses in an endurance test that has them balancing in a snow storm. The object is to be the last person with their hand on their key. The winner of Round 1 will face the winner of Round 2 in the third round of this crucial Competition. After an hour of balancing and freezing, Jun's hand leaves her key as she protects herself from the pelting snow and she is disqualified, leaving Robert and Alison in competition. The second Jun heads inside, Robert makes Alison an offer in which they will take each other to the finals. Alison seems unsure, saying she's only 99% certain she'd take him to the Final Two, but that answer seems good enough for frozen Robert, who leaves his place in the Competition, allowing Alison to win Round 1 of the HoH Competition.

Round 3 of the final Head of Household Competition begins, with Alison and Jun going head-to-head for the title. Julie explains that Jun and Alison’s exes--Jee and Justin, respectively--were recently asked a series of questions. Julie will read the questions, and Jun and Alison are to answer how they think their ex responded, using “Yes” and “No” paddles. After eight questions, the person with the most correct answers becomes the final Head of Household. If there is a tie, a question will be asked that has a numeric answer, and the person who comes closest to the correct answer without going over wins.

After answering eight questions (based on how they thought their ex would answer) that ranged from “Do you still find your ex attractive?” to “Were you better in bed than your ex?” the score is tied, 4-4. Julie asks the tie-breaking question: How long, in days, did you and your ex date? Alison answers “0,” while Jun throws the Competition by answering, “One million,” and Alison becomes the new Head of Household.

There were no competitions in the final week.